5 Free Must-Have Android Apps for House Selling and Buying

As I’ve mentioned, we recently bought a new house. When we bought our last house, 10 years ago, people still weren’t entirely embracing technology as a tool. My real estate agent at the time couldn’t quite grasp that I was doing my own online r[more]

Merida and Maleficent to Join Marvel Heroes in Disney Infinity 2.0

So I slacked off with the announcement of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition). Disney Infinity is the most played video game in our house, largely due to the creativity allowed in the Toy Box Mode. They love working together to create [more]

Philips Shoqbox Portable Bluetooth Speaker Sets Your Music Free, Wherever You Are

One of the unusual things about our new house is that it has an indoor Endless Pool. I never thought that I’d have a pool inside my house, but I’m certainly not complaining that I do. Swimming is a good, low-impact exercise, and something that I [more]

When GMail and Google Services Won’t Sync on Your Android Phone–How To

As someone who works almost entirely online, I rely heavily on my phone (currently a Motorola Droid Mini) to stay connected throughout the day. Since I am an Android user, you can imagine my surprise when my phone suddenly stopped syncing with GMail [more]

I have been wanting an Ultrabook for ages. As someone who travels regularly, and is somewhat nomadic in my working situation at home, having a laptop that is light, but still powerful is really useful. Unfortunately, my last laptop died before I was [more]

Lenovo Horizon 2 Table PC Brings Families Together to Play and Share

Years ago, I spent a few hours in a hotel lobby with friends playing on an interactive table top. It could play music and games, and we enjoyed all being able to use it together. Lenovo’s Horizon 2 Table PC brings that experience into your home wit[more]