Mega LeapFrog Giveaway

So. I’ve talked about the LeapFrog LeapBand, which encourages kids to be active. And I’ve talked about LeapFrog LeapTV, which also pairs activity with education via a console gaming system. I have not yet shared with you the LeapFrog LeapPad 3, b[more]

Droid Turbo–Super-Spy Hands-Free Controls

Me: “How now, brown cow? What’s my schedule this week?” Droid Turbo (spoken): “Here are the events you requested. First up, you have a calendar event tomorrow at 4:10pm. The title is ‘Kids’ Dentist Appointments’.” [The phone’s scree[more]

We recently had the pleasure of reviewing LeapFrog’s new educational gaming console for kids, LeapTV. It’s a hit in our house and would make a really special gift for some other lucky kids. Want to win one? Of course you do! (Please read the revi[more]

LeapTV Gaming Console for Kids [Review]

      Most of us with young kids are familiar with LeapFrog’s handheld educational gaming units. Maybe it’s a LeapPad, maybe a Leapster Explorer. Either way, the LeapFrog LeapTV console system was a bit of a surprise. In face, when[more]

Choosing Great Apps and E-books for Learning to Read

Apps and e-books are great ways to help kids learn to ready independently. They can help build confidence, as well as learn new vocabulary. Here are some quick tips for picking quality apps and e-books:[more]

Disney Originals and the Disney Infinity: Toy Box Starter Pack (2.0 Edition)

When Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) came out, we were all excited to play as our favorite super hero. My son, who is nine, prefers Rocket Raccoon, while my daughter prefers Spiderman. I like Nova. But we were still anxious to add [more]